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President & Deputy President

Engr. Adekunle Mokuolu, FNSE
Engr. Adekunle Mokuolu, FNSEPresident
Engr. Babagana Mohammed, FNSE
Engr. Babagana Mohammed, FNSEDeputy President

Vice Presidents

Engr. Tasiu Gidari-Wudil, FNSE
Engr. Tasiu Gidari-Wudil, FNSE Vice President
Engr. Kilomodemo A. Ibitoye, FNSE
Engr. Kilomodemo A. Ibitoye, FNSEVice President
Engr. Joseph O. Akinteye, FNSE
Engr. Joseph O. Akinteye, FNSEVice President

ExCo Members

Engr. Halimat Adediran, MNSE
Engr. Halimat Adediran, MNSEExCo Member
Engr. Dr. Rasheed Babalola, MNSE
Engr. Dr. Rasheed Babalola, MNSEExCo Member
Engr. Yakubu Ali Garba, FNSE
Engr. Yakubu Ali Garba, FNSE ExCo Member
Engr. Nnenna C. Igwegbe, MNSE
Engr. Nnenna C. Igwegbe, MNSEExCo Member
Engr. Akintayo Akintola, FNSE
Engr. Akintayo Akintola, FNSEExCo Member
Engr. Mojirade M. Oloruntoba, FNSE
Engr. Mojirade M. Oloruntoba, FNSEExCo Member

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