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First African Women Engineering Forum

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17 September 2018, Mombasa, Kenya

African Women in Engineering: Innovation and Community Sustainability


The Federation of African Engineering organization is the umbrella body for all African professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs). It is an international non-governmental organization that represents the interest of all engineering practitioners across the continent.

The Women in Engineering Standing Committee is one of the Committees through which the organization carries out its functions. The committee has the vital role amongst others of building capacity and capability in women engineers while also promoting the study of STEM amongst the Girl Child.


The activities globally towards increasing the number of women in Engineering and Technology through the years have been on the increase across the globe. In Africa also, efforts are being made to improve the participation of the Girl Child in the field of engineering at the different PEI levels.

However, there has been no definite programme for women engineers to come together to chart a course for their effective practice and involvement in engineering leadership while also being involved in the Sustainable Development Goals programme.

It is in view of this that the Committee believes there is need for a summit of African Women Engineers in order to focus on the areas of interest and challenges of women engineers.

The programme will be a 1-day event – 17 September – to be held during the African Engineering Week (AEW), hosted by the Federation of African Engineering Organisations and supported by UNESCO. The 2018 AEW is being hosted by the Institute of Engineers Kenya (IEK) in Mombasa, Kenya.

The event is expected to host about 100 Women Engineers from the 13-member countries of the Federation including Women Engineers from Europe and Asia of the Women in Engineering Committee (WIE), World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO)

The proposed theme is “African Women in Engineering: Innovation and Community Sustainability”.


Discussions will be focused on:

  1. Building Capacity amongst Women Engineers for innovation.
  2. Develop favourable policies for the practice of Engineering by Women Engineers and the study of STEM by the Girl Child.
  3. Opportunities for Women in Engineering (WIE) within the African Continent.
  4. African Communities: Issues & Challenges and the Women Engineers
  5. Impacting communities through the SDGs
  6. Stakeholders’ support programmes for Diversity & Inclusion.

Speakers are invited from within Africa with some international guest speakers.

  • Phillipa Makabre – Winner of Africa Innovative Prize 2017
  • Engr. Ruomei Li – China – member of WFEO Executive Council
  • Dr. Marlene Kanga – Australia – President of WFEO
  • UN Women Office, amongst others.

The programme hopes to:

  • Assemble African Women Engineers to chart a course for their effective practice and involvement in leadership within Engineering and Technology sector.
  • Seek to improve the desire and participation of the Girl Child in the field of engineering.


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