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Announcing the Online Registration for October 2019 Diet Featured

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Membership Application Portal for Corporate Membership for category (B1, B2 and C1) for the next active diet - October 2019 Diet is now OPEN!!!


However, Members and Prospective Members are to note the new changes as highlighted below:

  • Application into Category B1, B2 and C1 are now open throughout the year for period of four (4) diets.
  • Candidates can select any of the four diets and apply. As at now, Candidates can apply into either October 2019, February 2020, April 2020 or October 2020. When a diet is closed, another Diet will be opened automatically to complete the four diets opened at a given time.
  • The active diet will be the most recent diet. As at now, the active diet is October 2019 Diet
  • Each diet will come with its own time table, candidates are advised to study the active diet time table so as to plan effectively.
  • Only applications in the active diet will be given utmost priority while applications in other diets will be treated when such diets are active.

 Please click on the link below for the detailed application guidelines






Thank you


Last modified on Thursday, 12 December 2019 12:48

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