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Structure and Leadership

The President of the Society is the Chief Executive, and directs the programme and mandate of the Society on behalf of the members. The President is the Chairman at every General Meeting, meeting of the Council and Executive Committee of the Society. The President holds for a period of two years and is succeeded by the Deputy President. The Deputy President is elected every two years, who automatically becomes the President after the expiration of the two-year tenure of the predecessor.

The Council is the governing body of the Society. The Council meets bi-monthly to consider memo from the executive committee and others to make policies touching on the conduct and business of the Society. The Council is made up of statutory members and reports to the Annual General Meeting which is an expanded gathering of members once every year.

The Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Society is responsible for overseeing the management and administration of the affairs of the Society and reports to Council of the Society. EXCO is made up of the President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents, members who were elected by other members at the Annual General Meetings every year and nominated representatives of the Divisions.

The Secretariat of the Society is staffed by professionals with different skills and discipline. The Secretariat implements policies of the Society and the overall co-ordination of its activities. The Executive Secretary is the head of the Secretariat and oversees the day-to-day management of the Secretariat.
The National Engineering Centre NEC Abuja houses the Secretariat.

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