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Dear Member,

Please be informed that at the 55th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) held on Thursday 17th November, 2022 at the International Conference Centre Abuja, a decision was reached to

update the membership register and publish without further delay the list of all members in good financial standing.

Members may also recall the mail dispatched to all members in May 2022 requesting members to Zero their account ahead of the publication of the updated membership register by 30th June 2022.

Arising from the above, all members should please take note that the membership register shall be published on the NSE website by Saturday, 30th December 2022.

Kindly note that only names of FINANCIAL MEMBERS of the Society will be included in the Membership Register. The implication of omission of a person’s name is that such person is not recognised as a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. 

All members therefore, who are not in good financial standing are adviced to update their membership status – zero subscription account and check name and membership number for correctness – on or before FRIDAY, 29th December, 2022. 

You may go through the link: to login and pay subscription on your portal for automatic update.

Or payments can also be made into the NSE account with the following details and evidence/purpose of such payment forwarded to on or before Thursday, 15th December, 2022:

Account Name: The Nigerian Society of Engineers

Bank Name: First Bank of Nigeria

Account Number: 2020502052

For further enquiries, send an email to:

Best wishes

Engr. Joshua Egube, FNSE

Executive Secretary

© 2022 The Nigerian Society of Engineers

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